Guild Auctions

Please read the guidelines listed below and then fill out the auction form if you need help attaining a piece of gear from a raid.

We are trading various services with in-game gold ONLY. We are also selling raid collected items (Fiery Cores, Lava Cores, Core Leather, Nexus Crystals, etc…) for in-game gold. We do NOT accept any other form of interaction as payment (read¬†Blizzard’s terms of service) under any circumstance. Please read the below guidelines before selling/buying in-game with us.

1) Selling us your quest turn in.

We purchase your quest turn in zone buffs including Warlord’s Command (Rend’s Head turn in), Victory for the Horde (Onyxia’s Head turn in), the King of Blackrock (Nefarian’s Head turn in) and The Heart of Hakkar quest. Fill out this form and provide an availability window and which quests you are willing to sell to us. We will quote you a price and then agree on acceptable date in game. On the day and time we have agreed upon, we require you be available an hour to 30 minutes before the requested time frame. When the time comes you turn in the quest first and we will immediately trade you the full agreed upon amount of in-game gold.

2) Buying assistance running through a raid.

We trade raid spots for in-game gold and allow players to reserve items of their choice. If the item(s) you reserve drops, you are guaranteed to loot them uncontested. Fill out this form and provide your information along with what items you are interested in. We will contact you in game and agree on a date that you are expected to raid in. You trade the full amount up front on the day of the raid once you are in raid and show up 1 hour before raid time. If the items you reserved do not drop, we will trade you back the gold.